Thursday, 18 April 2002

Top Jobs for Shooters Looking to Spend the Most Time Bow Hunting

Every now and then, I will see people posting about how much they hunt during the year. It got me to thinking about what professions these bow hunters might be working in. I know that I would be happy with a week or two out in the field, but I see that some people are going 40+ days out of the year! So, after some research I came up with this list of the top careers for hunters looking to stay out in the field as much as possible. As with any type of career advice, you should make sure that you enjoy what you are doing first and foremost before you jump right in.

Corrections Officer: Schedules tend to be very flexible and I have personally seen many of my friends who bow hunt take off 30+ days.

IT Field (Network Admin): The flex-time that is offered and the ability to work remotely are some of the reasons that hunters in this profession can get 20+ days off.

Self-Employment: Is there any better way to set your own schedule? Of course industries will vary, but you can usually work diligently throughout the year so that you can have 40+ days of hunting at your disposal.

Union Jobs (Electrician): If you are able to build up some overtime pay, you can hunt 30+ days out of the year.

Law Enforcement: Most agencies will get you roughly 20 days of hunting. As with the other professions, you can accumulate more with overtime.

Construction: 35+ days is possible, but you are relying on the fact that there will not be a particular job that needs to get done during your hunting season of choice.

Forestry: This one seems like a no brainer. 40+ days. Bosses are typically more lenient when it comes to environmental conservation.
These are just a few of the jobs that I came across on my search. There are also other factors that could affect the amount of time that you would have out in the field with your compound bow. Proximity to your hunting location is one of the biggest factors. Some states are also more competitive with their paid benefits packages, while others are going to be much more standard. You should also take into account the time available for hunting would change depending on your family/marital status. All other factors being equal, these jobs should get you the most time out in the field. Do you work in another profession that you feel gets you ample time out in the field; please let us know in the comments.

Those of us who hunt are passionate about the sport. There is nothing better then grabbing your archery bow and hitting the field with your time off. If you get into the right profession you can stay out in the field as much as you want!